Vineyards and Traditions

In less than two years we have created a vine plot of 120 decares at the foot of the town of Melnik, implemented entirely under the “For Restructuring and Conversion of Vineyards” program.

The following varieties of vine have been planted: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Melnik 55, Melnik Ruby, and Broad Melnik Vine. It is planned also Sandanski misket to be planted, which is needed for the production of white wine.

Wine Cellar

The winery of Zlaten Rozhen is located in the village of Kapatovo, in a land property of approximately 4000 m2. The winery is a modern architectural complex, with a fully completed production cycle, starting with grapes and ending at the bottle of wine. It is equipped with the most modern fermentation facilities with options to optimize and control all processes of vinification, maturing, stabilization and bottling of the wines. It processes the grapes yielded by the vines, reaching a capacity of 150 tons annually. The winery has a gustation room, where group- and individual gustations are available, as well as wine tours for the wine connoisseurs.

Expanding the Vineyard

Under the same program for 2012, the vineyard will be extended with 30 decars of “Syrah” and increasing it steadily continues. The goal is to reach 250 decars of vineyard.

Wine Cellar design

The Zlaten Rozhen company invested in the construction of its own winery. The complex project was realized through the “Agriculture” Fund, measure 123 “Adding Value to Agricultural and Forest Products”.


The support structure has been manufactured with wooden (acacia) stakes and the modern polycarbonate materials. The whole plot has been enclosed by a fence for protection against wildlife.

From vine to wine