Zlaten Rozhen Wine Cellar – Boutique Wines and Degustations

The winery of Zlaten Rozhen is located in the village of Kapatovo, in a land property of approximately 4000 m2. The winery is a modern architectural complex, with a fully completed production cycle, starting with grapes and ending at the bottle of wine. It is equipped with the most modern fermentation facilities with options to optimize and control all processes of vinification, maturing, stabilization and bottling of the wines. The winery has a gustation room, where group- and individual gustations are available, as well as wine tours for the wine connoisseurs.

Zlaten Rozhen Wine Cellar will surprise you with its unique selection of traditional and new wine brands with a diversity of tastes and aromas, with excellent qualities and at competitive prices. With attention to each and every grain, with immense love and skill, combining the traditions of this wine region with new trends and technologies in winemaking, we give you the opportunity to enjoy our wine masterpieces. Our team’s objective is to create high quality boutique wines, which will fascinate anyone who tastes them with their exquisite taste.

Trying to find the balance between tradition and new technologies, we have built our wine cellar as an integral complex.

True connoisseurs and lovers of high quality wines can be initiated in the mystery of winemaking by going through the entire production process of Zlaten Rozhen Wine Cellar. The winery has high quality equipment, a modern laboratory and a state-of-the-art bottling line. Following the division into two units, visitors can follow the trail of wine from grape-gathering to maturing in oak barrels in the production unit.

Grapes arrive at the ground level of the cellar, where they undergo initial processing. Part of our wine matures in oak barrels and ages in bottles in a specially developed underground section, which features natural constant temperature and humidity levels.

zlaten rozhen wine cellar