For the first time the wineries in Melnik will come together for the festivities around the Grape Harvest fest.

After the success of the Open Days in Melnik during Trifon Zarezan (Februrary 14th) it is time to invite wine lovers and travellers to another unforgettable wine weekend in the region.

In Zlaten Rozhen’s program we will interweave both tradition and the contemporary style by inviting you to a farmers market just out front of the cellar while we prepare artful wine cocktails outdoors by the gazebo. We’ll let loose while painting and tasting wine in the tasting room and we’ll quench your thirst for knowledge by tasting different grape varieties along with the corresponding single varietal wines.


***Saturday 23.09.23***

12:30 PM – 6 PM

Painting and wine (Price: 40 BGN + optional tasting package)

Farmers market

***Sunday 24.09.23***

12:30 – 6 PM

The theme of Sunday afternoons will be “Wine cocktails”. You will also receive a wine cocktail tasting with each tasting package. You will learn how to transform your favourite wine into an irresistible cocktail.

Farmers market

We are looking forward to seeing you in Zlaten Rozhen Wine Cellar, Kapatovo village!

For more information and bookings: +359899409464

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